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A founding principle of luxury is to have something made especially for you. As in the 1930’s, our aim at Atalanta Motors is to provide you with the unique opportunity to commission a new and individual sports car crafted to your exacting requirements.

The commissioning of a new Atalanta is an exclusive experience – each motor car is truly handmade, so naturally only a few are created each year. By combining carefully selected materials with reliable modern engineering, and working closely with only the best British craftsmen in their field, we will build you a traditional sports car to a quality that will patinate gracefully and can be appreciated for a life time.

When engaging in the design process the results are all the more enjoyable. Atalanta is about individuality and tailored detailing, be it selecting your statement colour and trim combination or influencing the more subtle points of finish and detail.  For the more adventurous there is the opportunity to develop further the sporting performance of your Atalanta, or work closer with our designers and craftsmen to create your own one off coachwork design utilizing the latest Atalanta platform.

To experience the exclusivity of Atalanta ownership arrange a consultation to learn more and discuss your thoughts and ideas.

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