Beauty & Cars: Is It Truly In The Eye Of The Beholder?The Atalanta: a car with undeniable good looks. Skilled craftsmen create a motor with beauty in the eye of every beholder. Discover beauty in the Atalanta now!

A car possesses a unique kind of beauty. The kind that can bombard all of the senses at once - smell, touch, hearing and sight. As for taste, well, there’s no accounting for that!

Some cars hold a surprise – they look unassuming, like nothing special until you turn on the ignition and wooomf! There’s the beauty. The appeal of other cars may lie in the ten-speaker stereo system; the additional 2 seats hidden in the boot; or that special widget that allows you to pre-heat your car seat 5 minutes before you leave your meeting. In these cases the automotive beauty is in the eye of the beholder; it depends what you want or need from a car.

For other cars, the beauty is evident from the very first meeting. A Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini might scream their good looks at us, boldly broadcasting their appearance. Though the beauty of these megastars of automotive talent is subjective, others quietly but confidently whisper their presence as they wait for us to discover the undeniable beauty in their charming features – a beauty that is often judged not only by motor fanatics but also at official events such as the Cartier Style et Luxe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

IMG_3130-1-688x440The Atalanta is one such motor. You’ll need no manual to appreciate this car and while it holds many surprises, these are merely in addition to its obvious talents. The painstakingly polished curved chrome and aluminium of this timeless work of art combine with traditional cabin materials of ash and leather to recreate the glamour of the 1930s from which the original models hail.

Everything is in proportion and no one characteristic steals the show. From vintage-style headlamps and a sleek vented bonnet to gracefully sweeping wheel arches – all features simply combine to provide a feast for the senses.

Dramatically elegant at every turn, each contour and line of the coachwork contributes to a compelling urge to stroke this masterpiece. From the delicate fretwork of the radiator grille to the gently curved but solid running boards, the Atalanta manages to combine both a fragile femininity with a powerful masculine strength.

atalanta-1-1Bespoke laced 18” x 4” Rudge Whitworth style 70-spoke wire wheels, fitted with 550 x 18” Blockley 3-stud tyres allow a glimpse of the high performance hydraulic disc brakes with lightweight aluminium four piston callipers. And while the original fully independent front and rear suspension might not add anything to the Atalanta’s looks, the benefit of the tailor made coil-over shock absorbers increase the feeling of comfort, demonstrating the fact that this car is not just designed for pleasure but for practicality as well.

In the cabin, the Atalanta’s soft, hand-stitched leather seats and door panels, coupled with the highest quality dash materials stimulate touch, sight and smell, harking back to a bygone age when the car began to be recognised as a piece of functional art. The simple and classically styled steering wheel is thankfully devoid of buttons, and provides lightweight, non-assisted rack and pinion steering with a practical, fully collapsible column.

It’s difficult to imagine that anyone could fail to see the beauty in this modern automotive classic.

The Atalanta also disproves another popular idiom regarding beauty – that of it only being skin deep. With over two thousand skilled man hours contributing to each car, above and below the exterior, it isn’t just the coachwork that makes the Atalanta easy on the eye.

IMG_2877-e1468416760649-1600x958Lift the sculpted bonnet and you’ll be treated to more considered design and engineering. As Leonardo da Vinci stated: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and this is evident in the workings of the Atalanta. The light but powerful four cylinder, 2.5 litre engine with variable valve timing produces around 214 bhp and 198 lb/ft of torque. The mechanics are equally as beautiful with the Atalanta’s supercharged option – either choice providing a dose of adrenaline for drivers who seek adventure without compromising on style.

Pull the ignition for another sensual treat: the engine roars into life, gracing the air with sounds and smells pleasing to anyone who appreciates quality automotive artistry. To take charge of this strong-willed lady on an exhilarating drive would be a beautiful experience in itself…

If you think that you would appreciate the Atalanta for what it is – the uniquely perfect combination of automotive beauty, style and power – take your first steps to commissioning your own custom-built model and make an appointment to take a closer look at the Atalanta today.